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Nope! Once you submit your request, one of our Patient Handling and Safety Experts will schedule a call to confirm your info and answer any questions you may have. Once that's done, we'll send out your demo units and training materials so you can start using the equipment right away. Your rep will be in touch throughout the trial and will even hook you up with a shipping label when it's time to return the equipment. Easy peasy!

Don't sweat it if you haven't had the chance to use the equipment in the field by the end of the trial. We get it. Just chat with your Patient Handling and Safety Expert after your trial to see about extending it. Most equipment can be evaluated in training, so you'll see how helpful it can be right off the bat. But if you're still feeling unsure, no worries. We've got your back.

All of the necessary use and training information will be included in the box with the shipment, and you'll have a dedicated Patient Handling and Safety Expert readily available to answer any questions that you may have once you receive the product. 

We promise not to bombard your inbox with 5 emails a day offering things you never asked for (we're not that cruel!). Once you've filled out the form, your dedicated Patient Handling and Safety Expert will email you to schedule a call where they'll collect your shipping information and answer any questions you may have before we ship your product. But don't worry, if you don't reply to their email and schedule the call, they'll still reach out to you at their earliest convenience. We're here to help, not to hassle!

This is an obligation free field trial and you'll never be pressured to make a purchase. The only time you'll be asked to make a purchase is if you're not responding to your Patient Handling and Safety Expert when they attempting to coordinate the return of the equipment at the end of the field trial. 

Nope! We're happy to send you demo equipment, even if it's just for show and tell. Our field trial is a brilliant way to convince your manager that our Solutions can help prevent injuries and improve patient care.

Both! We usually work direct with our customers, but we also have pretty cool relationships with the top distributors and group purchasing organizations in the nation. If you have specific purchasing requirements, just let us know and we'll likely be able to accommodate your needs. 

Not a problem! If you'd like to hold onto the demo equipment once the field trial is over to save yourself the hassle of returning it, just give your rep a heads up. They'll send you an invoice and take care of shipping any extra equipment you may need.