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Binder Lift

Binder Lift

The Binder Lift helps emergency care providers safely lift patients of any size with ease by attaching up to 32 handles to the patient’s torso. With the Binder Lift’s handles, providers can use proper ergonomics, better team lift, and provide superior patient care. It is the only manual lifting aid scientifically proven to reduce biomechanical strain when lifting a patient from the floor in the prehospital setting.
Binder Lift Handle Extensions

Binder Extension

The Binder Extension are a set of four (4) 12" handles designed to reduce the amount of bending when lifting patients on a rigid device by adding approximately 12 inches to the lifting point; therefore, lessening back strain, reducing awkward lifting angles, and minimizing abrasions on the hands and knuckles. The handle extensions universally attach to any rigid patient carrying device and are made from rubberized, pre-molded handles for a strong, non-slip grip.
Mangar Elk

Mangar Elk

The Mangar Elk helps emergency care providers safely lift patients of any size without lifting a finger. Once underneath the patient, the Elk can be inflated at the touch of a button to raise the patient to a seated position. Reduce the risk of manual handling injuries to staff with this compact, portable, simple-to-use, mechanical inflatable lift cushion.
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The XDcuff is a stretcher-integrated limb restraint that helps emergency care providers quickly and easily restrain uncooperative patients. Avoid the risk of you or your partner getting hurt from a patient displaying signs of aggression by having a restraint system designed by and for emergency care professionals. The job of keeping a patient from hurting themselves or others shouldn’t be left to a cheap disposable that requires lengthy application.
Emergency Child Restraint

Emergency Child Restraint

The revolutionary Emergency Child Restraint is designed to safely secure children of any size during EMS transport in all types of emergency vehicles. Since it is not acceptable for a child to be transported unrestrained on a cot, whether it is a new-born or a teenager, the Emergency Child Restraint provides the perfect solution in all situations.
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