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Binder Lift

Helping Emergency Care Providers Move Patients of Any Size SAFELY and EASILY

We're not just another faceless corporation. We're a team of Patient Handling and Safety Experts (PHASE) who supply cutting-edge equipment and training designed to keep EMS providers safe and healthy.

Patient Handling is the Leading Cause of Injury to Emergency Care Providers

Due to the nationwide EMS labor shortage, preventing the leading causes of injury and retaining valuable personnel is more crucial than ever. 


of EMS providers feel they’re ill-equipped with the training and equipment necessary to safely move obese patients


of EMS providers report using improvised lifting techniques when lifting a patient from ground level


of bodily motion injuries among EMS providers occur when lifting and moving patients

Phase Solutions

Innovative solutions that will help you move patients of any size from the bathtub to the hospital bed – Safely and Easily.

Binder Lift

The Binder Lift

Experience easy and safe patient lifting.

The Mangar Elk

The Mangar Elk

Lift patients with the press of a button.

Binder Handle Extension

Binder Handle Extension

Proven to improve lifting ergonomics.

Over 3,000 happy customers and counting

Find out why the Binder Lift is the industry’s most-awarded lifting device

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