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Binder Lift CASE Studies

See how the Binder Lift has helped other departments like yours avoid injury and provide better patient care.

Pittsburgh Firefighters

How Pittsburgh Firefighters Got a Better Handle on Lift Assist Calls

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Eau Claire Fire Department

350lb Patient with Bilateral Rotator Cuff Injuries

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Big Lake Fire Department

500lb Patient Calls Big Lake Texas EMS Over 30 Times for Lift Assistance

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400-Pound Patient Falls in Back Room of “Tetris- Like” Home

400-Pound Patient Falls in Back Room of “Tetris Like” Home

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Lancaster County EMS
South Carolina

Patient With History of Falling Puts Paramedics At Elevated Risk of Injury

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Chagrin Falls Fire Department

Firefighter in Chagrin Falls Ohio Discovers a New Way to Lift Patient with Weak Shoulders

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Kensington Fire Rescue
New Hampshire

Binder Lift Helps Kensington NH Firefighters Reduce Direct Contact With Covid-19 Patient

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Beatrice Fire and Rescue Squad

Wheelchair Bound Patient Experiences the Binder Lift Difference

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Woodhaven Fire Department

350lb Patient Stuck In Wheelchair Van

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Yellow Ambulance

500lb Patient Calls Yellow Ambulance for Lift Assistance

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Morbidly Obese Patient Slides Out of Her Chair and Needs Help Up

A Morbidly Obese Patient Slips Out of Her Chair and Requires Lift Assistance

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Lakeland Fire Department

Lakeland FL Firefighters Use New Equipment to Rescue Citizen from Muddy Ravine

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customer Testimonials

Read about the experiences and feedback shared by our Satisfied Customers.

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We have had no lifting injuries since purchasing the Binder Lift

- Travis Elam
Bay Cities Ambulance OR
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Lakeland Fire Department

I know that it’s safer: my gut tells me; my experience tells me; it’s safer for patients and our firefighters

- Shane Reynolds, Rescue Chief
Lakeland Fire DepartmentLakeland, FL
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We have had great success with our Binder Lift. Once it was placed in service we used it 3 times within that week! Using it has been such a back saver to our EMS staff and also much easier on our patients as they feel more secure.

It works well in those hard to reach areas that patients always seem to find themselves in. We utilized it in the bathroom where the patient was wedged in a tight area. Worked great! No back strain to our EMS. We also used it on a patient who was so weak from the flu that she could not bear any weight to her legs and we needed to move her from a tight area. The Binder Lift made it a breeze to move and position the patient!

- Paula Baughman, Captain
Atwater Fire Department
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The Binder Lift is easy to put on and easy to lift with. Using the handles, proper lifting methods can be utilized more so than if you are using a soft stretcher or open lifter.

- Tony Biasi, Firefighter Paramedic
Eau Claire Fire RescueEau Claire, WI
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300+ pound patient slipped out of their wheelchair during dialysis at a "no lift facility." Our crew responded and, after assessing needs, requested another unit be dispatched to assist with lifting. However, after the Binder Lift was applied and before the additional crew arrived, the first responding crew was able to lift the patient safely and cancel additional resources.

I really appreciate the capability of the Binder Lift. With the lift as a resource, what was ordinarily a “two truck response” to lift a heavy patient from the floor can now, in many cases, be completed safely with a single unit. The crew failed at first attempt to lift the patient without the Binder Lift, but then the crew reports that after they applied the Binder, the lift was "easy."

- Andy Ball, Risk Control
Medic One Ambulance
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We have one patient that will request the Binder Lift when she calls 911 after she falls. It provides her with a much greater degree of comfort when being lifted.

- Brian Daake, Fire Chief
Beatrice Fire DepartmentBeatrice, NE
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We have been very pleased with our purchase of the Binder Lifts. We have used the extra large version multiple times. It has worked just as advertised. We have been able to lift the very large folks with ease and safety for both the patient and the EMT's whom are doing the lifting.

While the Binder Lift is an expensive purchase, it easily pays for itself in preventing injury and subsequent claims by the providers and the safety it provides to the patient.

- Gill Hall, EMT
Hoosick Rescue Squad
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The Binder Lift is a shoulder and back saver. It's a godsend for EMS.

- Dinah Chapman, Paramedic
Yellow AmbulanceDaviess County, KY
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We have used the device several times. We absolutely love them and I took your info to another fire dept. and they have since purchased several with intent on buying more. We made this purchase with a particular patient in mind and we have used it on her several times.

I most like the fact that we no longer need to pull on extremities for lifting. I have encountered several of my patients over the years that had complained of bad shoulder and elbow joints. This takes all the pain and discomfort out of the lift. You have a great product.

- Bill Sullivan, Assistant Chief
SEPSA Fire Authority
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No matter what position the patient is in there is always a place to grab when using the Binder Lift.

- Mason Matthews, Paramedic
Big Lake EMSReagan County, TX
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I have had positive feedback from our people about your product. We have one patient in particular that we use this device on frequently. This patient is very large and falls all the time and unable to get up on her own. We put the device on and we are able get her up. We have had as many as four people around her to get her up.

Since I was one of the people that used the Binder Lift device I thought it was pretty simple to use. I liked that we were able to get people around this patient and raise her up effectively. We have used this product with two, three, and four people, and it was great. Finally a useful product that actually works the way it is suppose too. I am recommending this product to our surrounding departments.

- Daniel Danczyk, Battalion Chief
SEPSA Fire Authority

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