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Mangar Elk

Lifting and assisting patients is the leading cause of injury to emergency care providers. With the Mangar Elk you'll be able to lift patients without lifting a finger, therefore completely avoiding the high risk of injury associated with patient lifting. The Elk is widely used in the UK, Australian, and Canadian emergency care markets, and we are now helping the UK-based manufacturer bring their solution to the US emergency care market by sending it to departments free of charge to try in the field.

Without the Elk, you're forced to lift and assist patients manually, thus increasing your chances of sustaining a manual handling injury. The Elk is battery-powered and is deployable in confined spaces. So the next time you find a patient on the floor of a small bathroom, save your back and let the Elk do the lifting for you. Field trial the Mangar Elk today to discover how you can lift patients of any size - SAFELY and EASILY.

Elk with Airflo 24

The Elk Inflatable cushion is paired with the Airflo 24 battery-powered compressor to give you a mechanical lifting solution that is lightweight and portable.

Max Lifting Capacity: 1000lbs

Lifting Performance: Up to 8 lifts per charge

Weight: 19lbs (compressor & inflatable cushion)

Inflated Dimensions: 20”x22.5”x22” (length X width X height)

Material: Anti-microbial and easy to clean

Mangar Elk Storage Bag - Impervious


The Mangar ELK Storage Bag - Impervious has been specially designed to perfectly accommodate the Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion with Airflo 24 Compressor, along with additional cables, providing a compact and convenient storage solution. Crafted from high-quality impervious vinyl material, this case offers easy cleaning for effective infection control measures.

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The guarantee is given against defects in material and workmanship and comprises pieces, parts, and labor. The guarantee is invalid in the case of fair wear and tear, willful damage, common neglect, misuse, or unauthorized alteration or repair by unqualified persons.

The following statements do not affect the consumer’s statutory rights. This product is sold on the understanding that in the event of any defect of manufacture or material appearing within the warranty period, the defect will be rectified free of charge providing that:

  • (a) Reasonable evidence is provided (e.g. purchase invoice, delivery note) that the claim is being made within the warranty period.
  • (b) The defect is not attributable to accidental damage (either in transit or otherwise), misuse or unauthorized repair.

Elk Cushion Warranty Period: 2 years

Airflo 24 Warranty Period

Compressor: 2 years

Battery: 1 year

Routine Cleaning

Fully inflate all sections of the ELK, sponge clean with a nonabrasive proprietary liquid cleaner or disinfectant and dry thoroughly. Do not dry using hot air.


The ELK should be fully inflated and pre-cleaned by washing with detergent and water, thoroughly rinsed and then disinfected using a 1:10 solution of household liquid bleach and water (1 part bleach to 10 parts cold water). Leave the solution on the ELK for approximately 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off with clean cold water. Allow to air dry before storage. Do not dry using hot air.

Lifting patients Causes More Injuries to Emergency Providers Than Any Other Job Function

The Odds Are Not in Your Favor

EMS Back Injury
EMS Back Injury

1 in 2 (47%) EMS providers will sustain an on-the-job back injury

Patient Handling Injuries
Patient Handling Injuries

60% of patient-handling-related injuries happen while moving the patient on or off of the stretcher, backboard, stair chair, etc.

Patient Handling
Patient Handling Risk

Patient handling is the single greatest risk factor for musculoskeletal injuries

The Mangar Elk helps you change your odds by stacking the deck in your favor.

Power stretchers help you avoid injuries from lifting the stretcher, the Mangar Elk helps you avoid injuries from lifting the patient. Once you go power, you’ll never go back.

The Mangar Elk Helps You Avoid Lifting and Injuries 

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