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Case Study

350lb Patient with Bilateral Rotator Cuff Injuries

Binder Lift provides a safe way for paramedics to lift patient with pre-existing injuries.

Eau Claire Fire Rescue

The Situation

The Eau Claire Firefighters swiftly responded to a distress call at a residential home where immediate medical attention was required. Upon arrival, they encountered the patient, a 5’ and 350lb female, lying supine and unable to independently rise. The patient's chronic bilateral rotator cuff injuries posed a challenge as the firefighters couldn't exert lifting pressure on her upper extremities. Fortunately, the Binder Lift, a recent addition to their ambulance inventory, proved to be an invaluable asset in helping the patient regain her footing. Once on her feet, the patient was able to take her own weight and ambulate with minimal assistance.

“The Binder Lift is easy to put on and easy to lift with. Using the handles, proper lifting methods can be utilized more so than if you are using a soft stretcher or open lifter.”

Tony Biasi, Firefighter Paramedic

The Binder Lift Difference

Fire and EMS personnel have been utilizing a range of improvised techniques for lifting patients since the inception of pre-hospital medicine. These methods have undergone changes and advancements over time, but it is important to note that they are still fundamentally improvised in nature.

Being a skilled medic requires the ability to think creatively and adapt to challenging situations. However, it is crucial to take advantage of any suitable tools available. Using improvised lifting techniques can put both the rescuer and the patient at unnecessary risk of injury. Thankfully, in this incident, the firefighters had access to the Binder Lift, which made lifting the patient a breeze. With the handles to grab onto, they were able to work together and maintain proper lifting posture without causing any discomfort to the patient's upper extremities.

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