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Case Study

Wheelchair Bound Patient Experiences the Binder Lift Difference

Beatrice medics abandon old methods of lifting after this one call.

Patient With History of Falling Tells Dispatch to Send the Ambulance with the Binder Lift,

The Situation

Not long after equipping their first ambulance with both sizes of the Binder Lift the Beatrice Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched for a known lift assist call.

The 250lb female patient specifically requested an ambulance equipped with the Binder Lift when she contacted dispatch. She had been diagnosed with MS and had a history of falling due to limited mobility in her lower extremities. Transferring from her motorized scooter to different locations, such as the toilet or bed, often resulted in falls. Having experienced being lifted without the Binder Lift in the past, she knew that asking for it was essential to ensure a painless lift assist for everyone involved.


Brian Daake

"We have one patient that will request the Binder Lift when she calls 911 after she falls. It provides her with a much greater degree of comfort when being lifted"

Brian Daake, Fire Chief

The Binder Lift Difference

The patented design of the Binder Lift, with its torso wrap and cushioned top edge, ensures optimal comfort and security for the patient. In this particular case, the patient did not require any medical intervention; she simply needed assistance in being lifted and returned to her scooter.

Before implementing the Binder Lift, the Beatrice firefighters relied on the conventional approach of lifting patients by their limbs. This outdated method not only places significant strain on the patient's shoulders but also on the backs of the care providers. According to Captain Craig Fisher “Using the Binder Lift system spreads the lifting point over a large area as opposed to a provider grabbing an arm or leg, which is a much smaller area. It also allows different hand locations, which in turn permits me to get in a more proper lifting position.

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