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Case Study

Firefighter in Chagrin Falls Ohio Discovers a New Way to Lift Patient with Weak Shoulders

Binder Lift prevents possible trip to the ED.


The Situation

During their 30-day field trial of the Binder Lift, Chagrin Falls firefighters were called to assist a distressed woman who was sitting on the floor and required help getting up. Despite not having any visible injuries, the woman was visibly anxious and tearful.

Upon further evaluation, paramedic Ben Speidel discovered that the distressed woman suffered from bilateral rotator cuff injuries. She expressed her concern due to previous incidents where her shoulders were harmed during attempts to assist her. Speidel and his partner reassured her that they possessed specialized equipment specifically designed to lift her without exerting excessive pressure on her shoulders. “We deployed the Binder Lift and assisted her up without issue,” Speidel says. “She told us multiple times how grateful she was that this piece of equipment is available.

"This allows for rescuers to decrease back strain by preventing them from being forced to crouch down behind a seated patient and reach under their arms."

Ben Speidel, Paramedic/Firefighter

The Binder Lift Difference

Emergency care providers specialize in the art of patient handling. While their responsibilities extend beyond just that, their primary objective remains rescuing and transporting patients. Given the significance of patient movement in their line of work, it is crucial to move away from makeshift solutions and instead invest in equipment designed to provide a secure and pleasant experience for the patient.

Gone are the days of relying on bedsheets or extremities when lifting fallen patients. With the introduction of the Binder Lift, not only is the patient's experience far less painful, but it also provides a safer and easier solution for caregivers. The risks associated with lifting patients are no secret, but now there is a game-changing solution. Paramedic Ben Speidel emphasizes that the Binder Lift is equipped with numerous handles, allowing multiple caregivers to join forces and lift patients with proper ergonomics. These strategically placed handles empower caregivers to work together seamlessly, ensuring a secure and comfortable lifting experience.

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