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Case Study

Binder Lift Helps Kensington NH Firefighters Reduce Direct Contact With Covid-19 Patient

Without the Binder Lift twice as many providers may have had direct patient contact


The Situation

The Kensington Fire Rescue department initiated the field testing of the Binder Lift in the spring of 2020, which proved to be fortuitous timing. In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, fire and EMS departments worldwide are implementing new policies and protocols to minimize the risk of virus exposure for field providers. One of the most effective ways to mitigate this risk is by minimizing direct patient contact among providers whenever feasible.

The Binder Lift assisted the members of Kensington Fire Rescue in achieving that goal. Upon receiving a call about a patient who had fallen from a horse, Chief Jonathan True and four other members promptly responded. Upon arrival at the scene, Chief True and one other EMS provider approached the patient, while the remaining members maintained a safe distance.

The patient was fully conscious and seated on the ground. Following a thorough assessment, Chief True determined that it was most suitable to transport the patient in a position of comfort. Due to the patient's high level of pain, lying down was not an option. Traditional equipment such as a soft stretcher, scoop stretcher, or backboard would not have been effective in this situation. Fortunately, the Binder Lift proved to be the ideal solution, allowing for the safe transportation of the patient without causing any additional discomfort or unnecessary exposure for the responding team.


Chief Jonathan True

"Binder Lift certainly helps our backs. We can lift with one provider on each side of the patient."

Jonathan True, Chief

The Binder Lift Difference

Getting the patient onto the stretcher is at times the most significant challenge for EMS providers. This task becomes even more daunting when traditional carrying devices are contraindicated. In this particular case, the patient needed to remain in an upright position, with utmost care taken to avoid any compression or stretching of her spine due to the intense pain she was experiencing.

They applied the Binder Lift which helped them safely lift her onto the stretcher. They used the Binder Lift as a type of soft splint to help provide comfort and stability for the patient all the way to the hospital. “If we didn’t have the Binder Lift, I would have had to re-tone or call mutual aid to help pick her up safely”, says True. The Binder Lift helped True and his crew easily lift the patient without undue movement, while also keeping the number of providers having direct patient contact to a minimum.

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