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Case Study

Patient With History of Falling Puts Paramedics At Elevated Risk of Injury

Binder Lift helps paramedics lift obese patient off bathroom floor.


The Situation

When Lancaster County paramedics received a 911 call from an address they had visited multiple times in recent months, they knew they were in for a challenging rescue. Like the times before, the morbidly obese patient had fallen and needed help up. But unlike the times before, she didn't simply slide out from her chair, this time she was stuck on the bathroom floor. The cramped space added an extra layer of difficulty to the rescue mission. With limited room to maneuver, the paramedics needed a solution that attached handles to the patient so they could team lift while maintaining control of the patient's mass. Thankfully, they had the Binder Lift at their disposal.

In the past, when faced with a patient who needed assistance getting up, paramedics would have to navigate a challenging process. One medic would have to contort themselves behind the patient, reaching under their arms to grasp their hands, and then rely on their shoulders and back to lift them up. The second medic would anxiously stand by, hoping that their partner wouldn't suffer a debilitating back injury. But this time, things were different. This time, they had the game-changing Binder Lift at their disposal.

"I’ve received nothing but positive feedback on the use of the Binder Lift. Everyone agrees that it makes lifting the patient easier and safer."

Tim Clemmer, Paramedic

The Binder Lift Difference

With its innovative 360-degree handles, the Binder Lift revolutionized the way medics approached team lifting. No longer relying on the strain of their backs, they harnessed the power of their legs for a vertical lift, keeping the patient secure against their bodies. This breakthrough in lifting techniques not only ensured proper practices but also prevented injuries in Tim Clemmer's department. The abundance of handles on the Binder Lift allowed crew members to lift patients evenly, regardless of height differences between partners.  “It also prevents the crew from having to pick the patient up under the arms,” said Clemmer. “This protects the patient from possible injury during movement.

Once the paramedics at Lancaster County experienced the revolutionary lifting method with the Binder Lift, they were instantly convinced that there was no going back to their outdated patient handling techniques. The remarkable difference in ease and safety provided by the Binder Lift made it an indispensable tool for their rescue missions.

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