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Case Study

500lb Patient Calls Yellow Ambulance for Lift Assistance

Paramedics need more than just bed sheets for this call.

Dwensboro Daviess County EMS

The Situation

Upon receiving a distress call about a man trapped in a bathtub, Dinah Chapman from Yellow Ambulance responded to the scene. Stepping into the patient's bathroom along with her partner, they were met with the sight of a 500-pound man firmly wedged in the depths of his Jacuzzi-style tub. “Not only was he naked, he was also wet,” Chapman recalled. “We had plenty of hands on deck, but in that small bathroom, there wasn’t enough room to get eight people around him.”

Chapman, being the most petite responder present, skillfully positioned herself on the edge of the bathtub, deftly navigating around the trapped patient. Utilizing her strategic vantage point, and with the assistance of her fellow responders on the opposite side of the tub, she successfully fastened a Binder Lift securely around the patient's body. “We put the Binder Lift on him and pulled him out of the tub,” she said. “Once we got him onto the floor, we were able to get him up to his feet. It would have been problematic if we didn’t have the Binder Lift.

“The Binder Lift is a shoulder and back saver. It’s a godsend for EMS.”

Dinah Chapman, Paramedic

The Binder Lift Difference

With 14 years of experience as a first responder, Dinah Chapman knows all too well the challenges of lifting patients. Prior to the introduction of the Binder Lift, it was a precarious task relying on makeshift methods involving sheets and sheer luck. “If somebody fell, you just put a sheet under them and pulled to the best of your ability.” Chapman said. “You grabbed whatever area you could get ahold of in whatever position you could get a grip and you just lifted.” Featuring a multitude of conveniently placed handles, the Binder Lift revolutionizes outdated lifting techniques that pose a risk to both responders and patients. This innovative solution offers ergonomic lifting that prioritizes responder safety and ensures utmost comfort for the patient. “The Binder Lift is a shoulder and back saver,” Chapman said. “It’s a godsend for EMS.

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